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Selling your house in Georgia can be bittersweet. You might miss the property and the community you’ve grown up with, but you’ll likely be very satisfied with the returns on your wise investment.

Selling wisely requires sound judgement of the many variables like timing, pricing, location, the current states of the real estate market, as well as legal matters involved in the sale of the property.

You don’t need to be an expert in these variables if you can find a Realtor who is. How well your selling agent will do can be predicted in advance by their personal statistics and past client experiences. For example, Hummel Group consistently performs at the top within Metro Atlanta, Marietta, and the surrounding Georgia areas, with a high rate of returning clients.

To understand price and timing, a great first step is to get a free consultation with a Hummel Group agent.

The work involved in selling a Georgia property goes far beyond setting a list price. Our Why Sellers Should Use a Realtor page goes into more detail about what a Realtor should also do for you, which includes things like scheduling for professional photography, and uploading to the MLS. A smart agent who is focused on delivering exceptional client experiences, like a Hummel Realtor, will market your property locally, globally, and in all the proven places that are known to generate results. This also includes taking inventory, securing surveys and titles, creating all the required legal documentation, scheduling necessary inspections, and more importantly, negotiating with the buyer’s agent on your behalf so you can get the very best offer for your real estate.

For property owners who want to learn more, we offer detailed information on Georgia’s real estate laws, contracts, and a sellers responsibilities. We also provide suggestions for staging, and dealing with the necessary furnishings.

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How We Help You Secure Top-Dollar When You Sell

We know the real estate market, and an experienced agent who knows the Georgia market is your best resource for maximizing your profits.

As a local real estate office dedicated to Georgia properties in and around Atlanta, we put all our effort into knowing the area you’re located in. We are fully dedicated to giving our local homeowners the best experience possible.

When unforeseen variables manage to sneak into the selling process, we are ready. We have a solution for all these and you will have a knowledgeable Realtor working with you, backed by many decades of combined experience. Almost every bump or snag imaginable is accounted for and can be handled efficiently and professionally.

Our Realtors possess a depth of knowledge on the real estate market in Cobb County and the surrounding counties, enabling you to make the best informed decisions at any point in time. Placing your trust in the right agent can save you from days of stress, or even years of regret, that you didn’t get the maximum value for your real estate investment. Our Realtors have access to an extensive network of contacts, and rock-solid negotiation skills when dealing with buyers, sellers, and middlemen.

We are completely dedicated to serving you and helping you meet your unique goals. With our guidance, you can traverse the selling process with complete confidence and peace of mind.

Try our free property evaluation service: We will analyze the market for you, and take into the account comps and property values in your area. We will then send you a detailed report so you can see the market in a better context.

See what is on the market: Contact us to discuss your goals and ask any specific questions or concerns you may have about selling your house in Georgia. We will guide you through each step and ensure that your listing gets the very best exposure so you can land the right buyer, at the right price.


Yes, 100%. We are local to Atlanta and have been operating exclusively in Georgia for over a decade. When you work with us, you will be partnering with local Realtors that understand the market here and have your best interests at heart. We want you to get the absolute maximum value for your house because we will benefit all the same.

We can typically make you an offer quickly after viewing your property. We will buy your house with cash, so there is no need for an appraisal or lengthy loan process from a bank. Once we have viewed your property in full, we can make you a cash offer, typically within a 24-48 hours.

Yes, it’s OK. We are experienced Realtors with a professional Real Estate Attorney that helps to solve all the problems associated with selling inherited property. We will take care to guide you through the process so that any and all obstacles can be cleared.

Cash buyers are also normal homebuyers, but when you choose to sell through a cash offer you avoid the headache of loans, appraisals, inspections, and agent fees. All of these costs can add up. If you opt for a cash offer, these costs can be skipped, and we will provide you with a fair and competitive offer for your house in its “as is” condition, while we take on the challenge of improving the property for the another family.

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